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Fibroid Awareness Month Uterine Fibroids

July Is Fibroid Awareness Month


July is Fibroid Awareness month.  Fibroids are noncancerous tumors that grow in/surrounding the uterus.  Tumors can begin growing during reproductive age up into menopause when they may begin to shrink.  Some people may be asymptomatic and never know they have fibroids while others suffer from heavy menstrual flow and pain, long periods lasting 10 days or more, large fibroid growths that give the appearance of being pregnant, urination issues, reproductive challenges, relationship and intimacy issues, emotional disorders, reduction in the quality of life and social freedoms, and workplace discrimination &/or loss of income.


Stress & Emotional Turmoil Contributes to Fibroid Growth

When you’re stressed, moody, angry, have polluted thoughts or are dealing with emotional trauma, you may become addicted to, crave or choose foods that do not best serve your body.  Foods with the least health benefits - most comfort foods - are the same foods that drive an overgrowth of good bacteria in your stomach, which ultimately turns into “bad” bacteria - due to overpopulation.  “Bad” bacteria love sugary, junk and prepared foods - this feeds them.  These “bad” bacteria produce chemicals that cause you to crave these microbiome disrupting foods.  Overtime, chronic stress and emotional turmoil can negatively impact uterine health and instigate fibroid growth.

Try the following relaxation responses:



Walking in nature

Breathing exercises

✓ Epsom Salt/Magnesium baths

Positive affirmations

Set & act on good intentions


Avoid Sugary Foods Including Refined Starches & Processed Carbs

You need sugar for brain performance, bodily functions and sustained energy…but too much and the unhealthy kind can be a driving factor for fibroid growth.  Eat healthy slow digesting complex carbs in small amounts daily (these turn into healthy versions of sugar when consumed moderately).  Balance your daily food intake with healthy proteins (nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes), good healthy fats (avocado, full-fat coconut milk & coconut oil, nuts, seeds, olive oil) and a moderate amount of slow digesting complex carbs (wild rice, quinoa, buckwheat-has the word “wheat” in it but it’s gluten free and does not contain wheat).


Warm Castor Oil Packs On Your Lower Stomach Helps Increase Uterine Blood Flow

Blood can get trapped in your uterus.  This stagnant blood needs to move and flow out.  A separate tip: castor oil packs can help soften stool, making it easier to release and relieve constipation.  Place a towel/protective sheet underneath you to protect your furniture.  Rub your entire lower abdomen with a generous amount of castor oil.  Douse a piece of unbleached cotton towel/flannel, that covers your entire lower abdomen, with castor oil (thoroughly soaked until dripping), lay it directly on your bare skin and cover it with a piece of silicon wrap/cotton food wrap with plant-based lining/silicon parchment paper (be mindful of the wax type if you’re a strict vegan).  To protect your heating pad, cover it with something similar before placing it on top of your lower abdomen & the castor oil pack.  Alternatively, you may use a hot water bottle.  Leave it on for approximately 30-60 minutes, repeat often.  Do NOT use during your period, as it may cause heavy bleeding.  Do NOT use if pregnant, breastfeeding or on open/irritated skin.  Reuse the same castor oil pack approximately 30-50 times, store it in a silicon zip bag or glass storage container, in the refrigerator and add more castor oil as necessary.  Try to avoid using toxic plastic wrap or bags.


Excess Estrogen Is A Factor In the Growth of Fibroids

Inflammatory foods trigger hormonal imbalance.  Eating anti-inflammatory foods →supports a healthy gut →which helps to keep estrogen levels healthy→and in turn may reduce fibroids and its related challenges…more on this below.


Avoid Drinking Alcohol a.k.a Empty Calories

Consuming alcoholic drinks promotes the overgrowth of gut bacteria and inflammation.  We already learned that this can lead to fibroid growth.  When out socializing, try drinking sparkling water with lime in a champagne/wine/margarita glass.  It can give you the look and social feeling of actually drinking an alcoholic beverage, but without the calories, inflammation and fibroids.


Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods Daily

Inflammatory foods include processed and fake foods, sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, trans fats and poor quality oils.  Knowing the difference can be very tricky.  Think of it this way, if the food came in a box/container and has more than one ingredient, it’s processed.  Eat the way your great, great, great grandparents ate…cook and prepare your own food from scratch - adding your own hand picked fresh ingredients one at a time.


Detox Regularly

Subsequently, toxins build up as time goes on.  Every-body is unique and needs may vary.  Therefore, specific cleanses or detoxes may be best suited for different bodies.  Regularly cleaning out your gastrointestinal tract and replenishing it with nourishment supports a healthy uterus and overall well-being.  


A gut reset may be what you need to kick start your way to fibroid relief, harmonious hormones, better health and a more joyous life.  For detox strategies fit for YOU, schedule a free consultation by clicking Book A Call.  YOU can also find this scheduling button on my website,

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