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"Uterine health depends on the well-being of YOU, the whole-person."

~ Heidi Ali

Hi! I'm Heidi Ali, empowering your inner healer to nurture your uterus by nourishing YOU


Supporting YOU 

throughout your lifetime to take a whole-person, root-cause approach in your transformative 


I Transformed Holistically...YOU Can Too!

I'm a recovering corporate Human Resources Director and Adjunct Professor, who was lost and being damaged from a toxic modern society.   I was a so-called “vegan” who ate junk food, was inconsistent with anything considered “healthy” a.k.a. diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, etc.  I was too irregular with my holistic practices to detox from our industrial world.

Out of sheer frustration from debilitating pain stemming from fibroids, endometriosis & PCOS, cystic acne, heavy bleeding, mood disorders, workplace discrimination and mind-body disconnection, I made a commitment to heal myself.  

I put myself first and became the priority. I went back to my roots of holistic training and created an integrative holistic self-care regimen, taking a whole-person, root-cause approach to replenishing my health and well-being.  Within the first month, I saw and felt my body transitioning.  During the second month, I no longer experienced unbearable pain.  During the third month, my heavy bleeding dramatically reduced and began to feel human again.  I deepened my self-awareness and began to ground into my self-healing and true purpose.

Want to learn more about my story?  Read on.

I'm With YOU!

I Know The Struggle...Can YOU Relate?


Stress, poor diet, modern life toxicity, dissatisfaction with my corporate job, combined with a disconnection from my truest self and a disruption on a mental and spiritual level drove me to suffer from crippling pain and challenges stemming from fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS and mood disorders.

Many miscarriages I endured were left unexplained.  My embarrassingly heavy bleeding lasted for months or was irregular.  I ultimately became anemic and battled hypoglycemia, being treated by an endocrinologist for dizziness and fainting spells.

I was hospitalized numerous times for uterine health issues, prescribed loads of treatments, injections and medications.  Was told by one of thee top gynecologists that specialize in fibroids and endometriosis, “You should feel better.  All of my other patients don’t have pain after this treatment...I’ve treated hundreds if not thousands of women with your same condition, I don’t think another doctor can offer you anything better than what I'm offering you.”  He also refused to sign my FMLA paperwork - I felt like he thought I was lying…I felt ignored.

In my search for a better doctor, I painstakingly failed through treatment by four (4) different gynecological specialists.  My hormones were imbalanced, my hair started to fall out on my head and grow on my face along with painful scarring cystic acne, I was unable to focus on tasks at work and my stress tolerance was extremely low.

My declined health caused an increase in my absence at work, which led to  harassment, discrimination and constructive discharge tactics - I was fearful of losing my job!  I developed anxiety and became mentally unstable which led to depression.  During this time, I learned that stress and anxiety only aggravates uterine related health issues.  I also learned that a new job didn’t make me feel better.  I knew that if I wanted real change, I had to take ownership of my well-being and make changes in my lifestyle…and that’s exactly what I did.

I Want Change Too!

24 Years of Research, Training, Trial & Error...Led Me To YOU


I’m a huge nerd who totally geek out on learning new information and women’s health ecology.  Some of my layered educational and experiential background includes: training as a nurse’s assistant, emergency medical technician (EMT), women’s health educator, herbalist, essential oil specialist, QiGong, yoga and mindfulness teacher, hormone and gut health specialist, and integrative health coach.  

With only three clinicals left in my Registered Nurse program, I shifted majors and ultimately earned my Bachelors’ degrees in Human Resources and Labor Relations, and my Master’s degree in Labor Relations with a concentration in Human Resources (HR).  I like to share some of my HR tips on social media to support YOU in loving yourself at work.

Over the years, I had been so inconsistent with my own self-love and self-care.¬† I finally put myself first!¬† I took my years of holistic women‚Äôs health knowledge and God given intuitiveness, and applied a whole-person, root-cause approach to reconnect, rebalance and empower me, myself and I.¬† With patience and love, I¬†peeled back the thick layers and got to the core of me - the ‚Äúwhole‚ÄĚ me, the one I ignored and put last for so long.¬† I discovered that to heal my uterine challenges, mental health anguishes, physical decline, and spiritual starvation, I needed to nourish ALL of me‚Ķand that it‚Äôs ALL interconnected.¬†¬†

I dug deep and recognized that there are 12 Aspects of Life That Impact Your Uterus, Mind, Body & Spirit, and these 12 Aspects were directly impacting my entire well-being on a whole-person level.  I set out to detox then replenish these areas to regain harmony.  I also identified 17 Pillars of Resilience & Empathy that were precisely effecting my consciousness, mental and emotional well-being and morale turpitude.  I grounded myself in these 17 Pillars to revamp and reconnect to my truest self, embrace my inner peace, become centered and to live a life filled with joy and non-judgement.

My transformation included practicing life-changing integrative holistic self-care modalities that targeted each of the 12 Aspects (Self-Love, Joy, Mental, Physical & Emotional Health, Connections, Spirituality, Nutrition, Meaningful Work, Economics, Home & External Environment, Creative Expression, Continuous Education, and Movement) and 17 Pillars (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Mildness, Self-Control, Compassion, Humility, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Humor, Reasonableness, Non-Judgment and Generosity).  Through diligently practicing my systematic protocol, I'm so relieved to no longer suffer from uterine health challenges, mental and emotional malfunction, physical impairment and spiritual deficiency.  With regular practice, I am a "Well-Being", far removed from the wellness deprived human being I once was.  Are you ready to be a "Well-Being"?

I'm Ready!

My Life's Purpose...A Helper to YOU


Many women experience sheer frustration related to imbalances in their well-being, uterine health challenges, mental health anguishes, physical decline, and spiritual starvation - often times in silence.  Loving YOUterus was created to provide loving support, encouragement and valuable resources through self-love practices, detoxing and nutritional regimens, grounding and mindful routines, herbal formulations, somatic movement, customized modalities and a loving community.

From my thousands of hours of training, experience and my own self-healing journey, I learned how small adjustments make big improvements.  

As your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Uterus Educator, Herbalist, Essential Oil Specialist & Registered Yoga Teacher, I combine my integrative health training with my Human Resources people skills and Adjunct Professor teaching abilities to support YOU through expanding sustainable breakthroughs.

I coach you through each step in owning your revolutionary mindset shift, uterine health journey, radical whole-person self-care, transformational daily practice and essential self-confidence.  We’ll partner on a root-cause level to arouse your inner indigenous healer you didn’t know existed, we’ll discover areas ripe for healing you didn’t know you needed and we’ll collaborate to conceive your practical and progressive protocol - we'll support the evolution of YOU.

I'm here to support YOU!   Let the life-changing awakening begin!  Don’t worry, I got YOU!

Let's Get Started!

Heidi's Education:

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Women's Integrative & Functional Medicine Professional Training Program, Dr. Aviva Romm/The New Medicine for Women Institute
  • Herbal Medicine For Women, Dr. Aviva Romm
  • Certified Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor, Yoga Farm Ithaca
    • Registered with Yoga Alliance
  • QiGong Teacher, Yoga Farm Ithaca
  • EMT-B State of New Jersey, St. Michaels Hospital
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree - Human Resource Management, Rutgers University
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Labor and Employment RelationsRutgers University
  • Master's Degree, Labor and Employment Relations concentration in Human Resource Management, Rutgers University
  • The Discover, Design and Develop Program: A Faculty Fellowship for Online Teaching and Learning, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork and Negotiation, Northwestern University

Yes...YOU Got This!

YOU have an intrinsic power to heal, enjoy orgasmic pleasure and embrace self-love & joy without judgment - with an abundance that radiates through your uterus, mind, body and spirit!

I'm here to support YOU in taking ownership of your health to be a Well-Being!

Claim Your Inner Healer 

Your time is now!  Embrace your holistic journey with love and support!

The Best Essential Oils & Protocols For YOU

Did you know that pure essential oils are a powerhouse in supporting heath and wellness?

Pure essential oils can help with non-toxic personal care, home cleaning, detoxification, mood management support and existing health challenges.

I can help YOU select the best and purest essential oils, provide protocols and formulations unique to your health needs that support YOU in living your best.  Don't worry, I got YOU!

I'm Ready!
Loving YOU & Your Uterus, Holistically

Coming soon...This 12 week live interactive virtual coaching immersion will use a root-cause approach to empower YOU with whole-person wellness to transform your mindset, uterine health & lifestyle.

Let's design this program together!  Give me your feedback and I'll give you a FREE 30 minute coaching session!  What health challenges do YOU want me to address?  What kind of support do YOU need?  I'll create this program to answer your most challenging health questions.

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