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Loving YOU First, Holistically!


Empowering YOU with self-love practices that cultivates joy, nourishes your uterus, enriches your mind, cherishes your body and nurtures your spirit.

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Welcome Lovely!  I'm Heidi Ali

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Uterus Educator, Herbalist, Essential Oil Specialist, Registered Yoga Instructor, Certified QiGong & Mindfulness Teacher - with over 23 years of experience - my holistic practice is deeply rooted in empirical evidence and grounded in the belief that our bodies are instinctively designed to heal when lovingly nurtured and nourished.  With love and care, I can show you how.

I struggled with uterine pain and disconnection, mental and spiritual neglect, modern society toxicity, burnout and life's dissatisfaction.  I committed to loving me first and practicing a holistic lifestyle.  Today, I'm whole, balanced, grounded and living with intention and purpose.  You can too!  Don't worry, I got YOU!

Join a revolutionary whole-person, root-cause approach to uterine health through integrative holistic self-care

More About My Story

Heidi & Loving YOUterus

Not History -> Herstory



Loving YOU, Holistically

Coaching Program

  • Ready to create¬†balance,¬†ground in your peace¬†& reset your lifestyle?
  • Long to unpack emotional luggage & create loving boundaries?
  • Struggling¬†to develop tools to lovingly support your uterus?
  • Aspire to¬†balance your¬†gut flora¬†& improve immune health?
  • Eager to detox your life and¬†overhaul your relationships?¬†
  • Craving to listen to your body's needs & love language?
  • Overdue in¬†reducing your toxin exposure & toxic load?
  • Inclined to get active, move & get the blood flowing?
  • Want mind-body¬†practices to help reduce stress?
  • Excited to¬†empower your finance$ & prosperity?¬†
  • Hunger for food as medicine¬†& mindful eating?
  • Need to harmonize imbalanced hormones?
  • Tired of not getting the proper sleep?
  • Don't worry...I got YOU!

If YES, Loving YOU & Your Uterus, Holistically, is a transformative coaching program that applies a whole-person root-cause approach to support YOU in assessing deficient areas fit for change and designing your own unique integrative holistic protocol.  

For radical change, you'll work through Loving YOUterus' signature models, The 12 Aspects of Life That Impact Your Uterus, Mind, Body & Spirit and The 17 Pillars of Resilience & Empathy.

With this empowering empirical knowledge, holistic practical protocols and loving support, you'll gain self-confidence in your self-healing journey and so much more!

I Need This!

It's All About YOU

I'll lovingly support YOU through each step in awakening your inner healer, owning your revolutionary mindset shift, reconstructing your uterine health journey, accomplishing your radical whole-person self-care, creating your transformational daily practice and building your essential self-confidence.

We’ll partner on a root-cause level to arouse your inner indigenous healer you didn’t know exists, we’ll discover areas ripe for reconditioning you didn’t know you need and we’ll collaborate to conceive your practical and progressive protocol - we'll support the evolution of YOU.

Loving Resources For Every Stage of Your Journey

The Best Essential Oils & Protocols For YOU

Did you know that pure essential oils are a powerhouse in supporting heath and wellness?

Pure essential oils can help with non-toxic personal care, home cleaning, detoxification, mood management support and existing health challenges.

I can help YOU select the best and purest essential oils, provide protocols and formulations unique to your health needs that support YOU in living your best.  Don't worry, I got YOU!

I'm Ready!
It's All About YOUterus!

This three (3) months live interactive virtual one-on-one coaching focuses strictly on YOU and your uterine health - for a healthy YOUterus!

Holistic modalities and ancient methods of wellbeing are used to empower YOU and your Uterus with divine reconnection, feminine wisdom and innate self-healing, while supporting the body's cleansing and detoxification systems.

Support YOUterus:

 ♥ Menstrual Cramps/Pain

‚ô• Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

‚ô• Fibroids

‚ô• Endometriosis

‚ô• Fertility

‚ô• PCOS

‚ô• Peri/Menopause

‚ô• And So Much More!

Yes, I want it!

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