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One-on-One Coaching Is For YOU If...


 YOU long for personalized practical protocols for YOU & your uterus

 YOU require a life filled with purpose & meaning

 YOU desire self-confidence in listening to & nourishing your body

✔ YOU want mind-body connection to help reduce stress & improve sleep

 YOU want to regain health, energy, balance & joy

✔ YOU are ready to detox and lose waste

 YOU are tired of struggling with uterine health challenges

 YOU yearn for tools to support emotional health 

 YOU want to learn how to increase your immune system support 

 YOU are interested in learning work/life balance

✔ YOU value the whole-person root-cause approach for transformation

I Want Loving 1:1 Support!

✔ YOU are overwhelmed & need to know where to start & what to do 

 YOU struggle with poor gut health & hormonal imbalance 

 YOU desire a deeper level connection with your uterus, mind, body & spirit 

✔ YOU are ready to awaken your inner healer & take ownership in your health & quality of life

 YOU crave loving support & guidance as YOU deepen your self-healing

 YOU believe alternative & holistic approaches support better health

 YOU are eager to detox from environmental toxins & toxic relationships

 YOU need help with somatic movement practices for physical health & to settle the mind

 YOU want botanical/herbal formulations to support your well-being

One-on-One Personalized Coaching 

Using a revolutionary whole-person, root-cause approach to uterine health through integrative holistic self-care practices, I support YOU in discovering your whole-person, root-cause approach to creating a mindset shift that promotes viable change in taking back your health.

I employ my thousands of hours of training and experience as a women’s health educator, herbalist, essential oil specialist, yoga and mindfulness teacher to support YOU in designing your integrative holistic self-care protocol that’s sustainable and unique to YOU.

I'm your loving ally, supporting YOU - each step of the way - through your self-healing journey.


How I Help YOU Grow Your Inner Intrinsic Healer

I offer a nurturing and loving environment that cultivates a safe inclusive space which nourishes and welcomes self-healing.  We'll take a whole-person root-cause approach in exploring your health and wellness goals, challenges, and experiences to target your needs and structure your uniquely designed integrative holistic self-care protocol.  

Your body knows what it needs to thrive and it’s already speaking to you.  Every struggle, ache, worry or symptom YOU experience is your body's love language.  Your body loves YOU so much, that it gives YOU signals to alert your attention to exactly what it needs to thrive.  YOU just need to be ready, tune in with awareness and consciously act.  I help YOU strengthen and embrace your confidence in listening to your body's love language and how to best respond, and in making intuitive decisions that align with YOU.

During our initial one-on-one session, we get to the root by learning more about your background.  You'll share some of your herstory, which may involve unpacking some of your lifestyle luggage, your life journey suitcase and your uterus story.  Let's peel back the layers to get to the essential core deep inside of YOU, your intrinsic healer.  YOU were born with this divine super matter your background.  It is our gift as a human being to be a Well-Being. 

To further uncover deficient areas and facilitate deeper healing, we’ll also conduct an assessment through Loving YOUterus’ signature models, The 12 Aspects of Life That Impact Your Uterus, Mind, Body & Spirit and The 17 Pillars of Resilience & Empathy (both detailed below).  The 12 Aspects and 17 Pillars are life's interconnections that directly effect: our self-talk; how we manage ourself and our life; the wellness or our uterus, mind, body and spirit; and how we present ourself to our self and to others.  Understanding the gaps in these areas and its impact on YOU, stimulates your inner healer's ability to design self-healing protocols catered to your unique needs.

In the course of our consecutive sessions, we work together in assessing your progress with your uniquely designed integrative holistic self-care protocol.  I employ active listening when asking high mileage questions to provide feedback and guidance in helping YOU identify what worked well and how to move past existing patterns, struggles and limiting beliefs.  I can give you tools for loving YOU first, holistically.

As your loving ally, we'll modify when necessary, subtracting and replacing when faced with challenges, adding and/or leveling up to the next stage when ready.  

We’ll partner to build your tenacity in listening to your body’s needs and giving it the nourishment it needs to thrive.


The 12 Aspects of Life That Impact Your Uterus, Mind, Body & Spirit

The 12 Aspects of Life That Impact Your Uterus, Mind, Body & Spirit are life sensations, activities, stages, mindsets, circumstances and habits that have a significant realization on your health and wellness - yes, these also include your gut and hormonal health. 

Your frame of mind, behaviors and everyday choices ultimately reveals itself in your health and well-being, now and later in life.  Therefore, YOU will want these 12 Aspects to play out in ways that benefits YOU.  Are each of the 12 Aspects below positively present in your everyday life?  How are these 12 Aspects impacting your health and well-being?

I'm here to support YOU in detoxing through each of these 12 Aspects to reestablish favorable habits and renew your lifestyle.  We will passionately concentrate on Aspects that arise as gaps in your assessment.  As YOU evolve, I walk beside YOU throughout your transformation.

 • Aspect 1 of 12: Self-Love

Making time for YOU and loving yourself first is self-love, self-care, self-compassion, self-healing, self-confidence and is not selfish.  It lovingly includes time alone, rest, setting healthy boundaries, removing negative self-talk, building self-confidence, growing more courageous, healing from the disease to please, becoming your own self-advocate, developing/maintaining a healthy mindset and maintaining your well-being.

• Aspect 2 of 12: Joy

Have fun, explore, find adventure - don’t wait, live your life now!  Joy is to express or delight in great pleasure and happiness.  Living joyous, stressing less, having fun, traveling, laughing - loud and hard, going on escapades, enjoying a social life, and doing what feels right can improve your well-being and satisfaction with life. 

• Aspect 3 of 12: Sleep, Emotional & Physical Health

Prioritizing and regularly getting proper sleep may reduce stress and increase vitality.  Make daily life choices that supports a healthy state-of-mind, physique and emotional state.  Use stress management techniques to activate relaxation responses.  Obtain appropriate health care, tend to your physical body functions and processes to recover from toxicity and to operate at peak performance.  Sleep, stress, hormones, immunity and gut health are interconnected and is key to the total ecology of optimal health.

 • Aspect 4 of 12: Spirituality 

Spirituality is personal and its meaning may vary based on each individual.  The following are some understandings.  To be life affirming and build affinity with your sense of meaning and purpose.  Many people connect to their spirituality through belief in God, a higher being(s) or consciousness, the Universe, or religion, while others grasp spirituality outside of organized religion - some do both.  Spirituality includes, but is not limited to, resonating with your morals, self-awareness, mindfulness and connecting to what’s greater than YOU.  The quality of the ethical values and belief systems we live by, and how we holistically connect with the greater world, has a powerful impact on our emotional well-being, feeling of being grounded, balanced and at peace. 

• Aspect 5 of 12: Nutrition

Mindful eating of nourishing foods are essential to well-being.  The consumption of foods that support good health and development include nutrient dense functional foods, whole foods, superfoods, herbs, supplements, and high quality edible essential oils.  Regularly eating such foods are critical to life as a “well-being”. 

• Aspect 6 of 12: Movement

Stay active, acquire strength, get flexible, gain mobility and attain balance.  Physical activity such as cycling, dancing, Tai Chi, walking, HIIT, yoga, hula hoop, QiGong, and swimming (to name a few) can improve mood, circulate blood, and detoxify the body while helping to strengthen and tone the muscles.

• Aspect 7 of 12: Home & External Environment

Domiciliary impurities and external pollution can increase your toxic load, driving dis-ease. Detox time!  Daily toxins build up in your body from foods, laundry & cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and pollution found in your home and external environment (and emotional toxins can build up too!).  Creating a safe, clean, calm and cherished space to call home is important to your sense of security and wellbeing.

• Aspect 8 of 12: Creative Expression

Do what ignites your inner flame - be creative!  Experimenting and doing what lights you up, such as visionary pursuits, hobbies, leisure activities, music, writing, illustration, photography, videography, theater or any form of art, may reduce cognitive decline, symptoms related to depression, and stress responses - and may improve your relaxation responses and sense of self-worth.  

• Aspect 9 of 12: Connections

Vibe with your tribe and gracefully extract those who don’t.  Connections include the relationship we have with oneself, sexuality, sex, love and human touch.  It also encompasses altruism and the network relationships we have with other people, such as family, significant other(s), friends, colleagues, associates, and soul communities.  Having some form of a social life and healthy connections with other people can produce emotional health benefits, help to keep us whole and make up what it means to be a human being. 

• Aspect 10 of 12: Meaningful Work

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Get paid to do what you love and you’ll never be broke.  Breakthrough to your meaning and purpose.  Tap into your natural born gift, use those years of tinkering, hobby pursuits, education/training and cruise into entrepreneurship.  Revamp your resume to showcase your talents and start applying to your dream job.  Meditate on the passion that drives YOU and turn it into a business - be your own boss!  You got this! 

• Aspect 11 of 12: Economics 

Your relationship with money impacts your uterus, mind, body and spirit.  Yes, it can impact your uterus!  Maintain a sense of control and create empowered prosperity by respectfully managing your money, creating financial goal$ and budgeting wisely - no matter the amount of your income.  Being mindful of your spending and saving habits may help to improve your health, reduce your stress and increase your self-esteem. 

• Aspect 12 of 12: Continuous Education

Capitalize on lifelong learning and development as a professional and/or for personal growth -> hello self-assurance!  Staying abreast of and applying the newest developments and technologies increases your adeptness and cognition, knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence.  This also involves sharing your knowledge.


17 Pillars of Resilience & Empathy

The 17 Pillars of Resilience & Empathy are a mix of prosocial values, morals, attitudes, conditions, emotions, behaviors and beliefs to live by that effect your individuality, personality, traits, characteristics, daily life experiences and choices. 

The 17 Pillars shape who YOU are as a person - your self-love, respect for self and others, equanimity, courage, altruism and all that makes YOU -- well -- YOU.  It influences your state-of-mind and how you show up in the world.  

Take a look at each of the 17 Pillars below and determine how each is exhibited in your life.  What place does each of these Pillars have in your life?  How are YOU living by each of these Pillars in your daily life?

I guide you through exercises that expand your fill in each of the Pillars below.  A keen focus will be placed on areas of improvement revealed in your assessment results.  We partner to grow your awareness and development.

  1. Love
  2. Joy 
  3. Peace
  4. Patience
  5. Kindness
  6. Goodness
  7. Faith
  8. Mildness
  9. Self-Control
  10. Compassion
  11. Humility
  12. Forgiveness
  13. Gratitude
  14. Humor
  15. Reasonableness
  16. Non-Judgmental
  17. Generosity 


What YOU Will Receive

You’ll receive loving support and accountability which may include a combination of:

Loving & supportive one (1) hour live virtual coaching session

 Activities on shifting your mindset, committing to yourself & creating new habits

 Uniquely personalized self-healing protocol, designed by YOU, based on your needs & goals

 Step-by-step skill development to detox your life & reclaim your inner intrinsic healer

Uterine health information, actionable strategies & reconnection methods

Uterus loving recipes, grocery lists, inflammatory & anti-inflammatory foods list

Tailored detoxes, cleanses & waste loss best practices

♥ Exercises on holistically Loving YOU First (self-love, self-care, self-compassion)

 Ways to establish healthy boundaries in all aspects of life

Learning embodiment, your body’s love language (listen to your body's signals) & how to respond

Customized herbal and essential oil formulations

Supplement recommendations

Somatic breathwork and movement practices

Mindfulness & grounding exercises

Educational health and wellness materials

Access to our private "Vibe With Your Tribe" accountability community

Ready to make the commitment to YOU?  I'll support YOU exclusively.  I got YOU!

Help Me Grow My Inner Healer

The Best Essential Oils & Protocols For YOU

Did you know that pure essential oils are a powerhouse in supporting heath and wellness?

Pure essential oils can help with non-toxic personal care, home cleaning, detoxification, mood management support and existing health challenges.

I can help YOU select the best and purest essential oils, provide protocols and formulations unique to your health needs that support YOU in living your best.  Don't worry, I gotchu!

I'm Ready
It's All About YOUterus!

This three (3) months live interactive virtual one-on-one coaching focuses strictly on YOU and your uterine health - for a healthy YOUterus!

Holistic modalities and ancient methods of wellbeing are used to empower YOU and your Uterus with divine reconnection, feminine wisdom and innate self-healing, while supporting the body's cleansing and detoxification systems.

Support YOUterus:

 ♥ Menstrual Cramps/Pain

♥ Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

♥ Fibroids

♥ Endometriosis

♥ Fertility


♥ Peri/Menopause

♥ And So Much More!

Yes, I Want It!

I Help YOU In A Joyous, Sustainable & Relatable Way

Creating a positive shift is work, but I make it fun!  YOU can enjoy learning your body, your needs, your love language and how to champion through addressing your most intimate struggles.

Join me to take ownership of your divine power, achieve your goals and reap the rewards!

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